The Statseeker Dashboard Homepage is the default view when accessing Statseeker via the web interface. This page offers access to the existing dashboards that the user has permission to view, as well as the ability to create new dashboards and edit existing dashboard configurations. Dashboards are an editable view comprised of one or more 'panels', each panel containing a Statseeker report (graph, table, gauge, etc.).

The panels are individually configured, can be moved around and resized within a dashboard, as well as copied to other dashboards. The dashboards can be themed to target a particular aspect of Statseeker monitoring, configured to broadly encompass your entire network, or be as finely tuned and specific in scope as needed.

All dashboard panels can be configured to offer links to:

  • Other dashboards
  • Statseeker reports
  • Any external web content

This linking ability enables you to use the dashboards to highlight potential hotspots, and then investigate issues with a single click.

  • Statseeker Dashboards and the Dashboard Manager
  • Working with Dashboards
  • Dashboard Panel Types
    • Graph – a graph of one or more monitored metrics
    • Graph Panel Overrides – examples of common panel and series overrides
    • Singlestat – a single summary value for a data series (min, max, average, sum, etc.), which can optionally be represented as a gauge
    • Table – a data table
    • Pie Chart – can be used to present timeseries, configuration or asset data
    • Worldmap – display data related to geographical locations on a configurable background
    • Image Map – place nodes over a custom background image, and have those nodes display configuration, state or timeseries data
    • Text/HTML – text which can be static or dashboard variable driven. This panel can also be used to house imported content such as Statseeker reports or 3rd-party web content.
    • Clock – a clock displaying server time, or countdown to a marked deadline
    • Row – a collapsible row used to manage panel layout within your dashboard
  • Dashboard Query Types
  • Dashboard Library – a selection of technology specific dashboards
  • Legacy Dashboarding System