The collapsible Row allows you to group your dashboard panels. This can improve visibility and access to elements in dashboards with a large number of panels, and the use of rows can improve the performance of very busy dashboards.

Dashboards within collapsed rows are not refreshed with the rest of the dashboard, instead, they are refreshed when the row is opened. Collapsing rows containing unneeded panels can greatly improve the refresh time for other panels when using very long reporting periods.



Adding and Removing Panels

Rows are placed onto the dashboard expanded. When a row is collapsed, all panels under the row are added to the row and hidden within the collapsed row.

To add a panel to a row:

  • Expand the row
  • Move the panel to be under the row
  • Collapse the row

To remove a panel from a row:

  • Expand the row
  • Move the panel to be above the row, or under another row