The Text/HTML panel allows you to display simple text or web content in your dashboards. The content can be provided as directly inputted Markdown or HTML, or alternatively, you can supply a URL and the target will be rendered within the dashboard panel.

Clicking the panel header opens the panel menu, offering the following options:

  • View – view the panel in fullscreen mode
  • Edit – edit the panel configuration
  • Share – options for sharing the panel contents with others, both internal and external to your organization
  • More


    • Duplicate – place a duplicate of the panel on the current dashboard
    • Copy – copy the dashboard configuration in order to add the panel to another dashboard
    • Panel JSON – view/edit the JSON underlying the panel configuration
  • Remove – delete the panel from the dashboard


Panel Configuration

You can edit the panel configuration by:

  • Clicking the panel title to open the panel menu and selecting Edit



The General tab is used to configure the panel title, description and panel-level links.

  • Title – the panel title, displayed at the top
  • Description – the panel description, displayed on hover of info icon in the upper left corner of the panel
  • Transparent – if checked, removes the solid background of the panel (default not checked)
  • Repeat – repeat a panel for each value of a variable, see Repeating Panels for details
  • Drilldown – configure panel-level links displayed on hover of info icon in the upper left corner of the panel
    • Type – link to a Statseeker dashboard or any URL
    • Dashboard/URL – the dashboard or URL to link to
    • Title – the display name for the link
    • URL paramskey=value pairs to be appended to the end of the URL as parameters
    • Include time range – include the current panel time range as a URL parameter
    • Include variables – include all dashboard variables as key=value pairs to be appended to the end of the URL as parameters
    • Open in a new tab – open the linked destination in a new tab



Enter the content for your text panel.

  • Mode – specify Markdown, HTML or Link
  • Content – enter the markdown, HTML, or URL to be displayed

The Link mode can be used to embed any Statseeker report into your dashboards:

  • Run the report from the Console (not the Reporting panel), and copy the URL
  • Paste the URL into the Content field

  • When supplying HTML content, you can treat the content box as the body tag of your HTML page
  • Links in HTML content should be configured to open in a new tab/window
  • When using Link mode to add external content to your dashboards, the embedded page must use the same protocol (http/https) as the Statseeker server, and must allow embedding (i.e. no X-Frame-Options: sameorigin header)
  • The functionality of any embedded content can be restricted/allowed via the system-wide Text/HTML Preferences in the Manage Dashboards > Preferences tab
  • When using Markdown mode, HTML content will render as plain text, not HTML