What versions can be upgraded directly to version 5.5.3?

Any v5.4.x or v5.5.1 Statseeker server can be upgraded directly to version 5.5.3.

Earlier versions should be upgraded to v5.5.1 and from there to v5.5.3. Details around upgrade paths, procedures and considerations are presented in the Upgrade Guides.


Does upgrading to version 5.5.3 require a fresh installation?

Upgrading to v5.5.3 only requires a fresh installation when you are moving from a standard installation to a High Availability Statseeker deployment.


Do I need to get a new license for v5.5.3?

Only if you are changing license tier, in which case speak to your Regional Sales Manager.


What are the system requirements for version 5?

See Version 5.x System Requirements for details.


What operating system comes with Statseeker version 5.5.3?

Statseeker v5.5.3 includes FreeBSD 11.4-RELEASE-p3, for details see the FreeBSD website.


How many interfaces are supported with version 5?

On correctly specified physical hardware, Statseeker will support up to 1 million interfaces. When running on a virtual machine, Statseeker supports up to 500,000 interfaces. See Version 5.x System Requirements for more details.


What hardware should I specify for a VM installation?

The requirements do change, see Version 5.x System Requirements for current requirements.

In addition, the RAM and CPU must be dedicated, not shared resources.


Can Statseeker run on Hyper-V?

Statseeker can be deployed to Hyper-V. For access to this option, and assistance with your own deployment, please contact Statseeker Customer Support.


Can Statseeker be deployed to cloud environments?

Yes, Statseeker can be installed to: