What versions can be upgraded directly to version 5?

Version 3.8.1 or higher can be upgraded directly to version 5.1.2.

Version 5.1.2 to 5.2.1

Version 5.2.1 included changes to Statseeker's Events Database to support improvements to Thresholds and Alerting functionality. The migration agents involved require a version 5.1.2 start point - all pre-5.1.2 installations must upgrade to 5.1.2, then to 5.2.1, prior to moving to 5.3.0 and beyond.


Does upgrading to version 5 require a fresh installation?

Upgrading from version 3.8.1 requires:

  • Backup of current installation
  • Install of new version
  • Restoration of data from the previously created backup

Upgrading from version 4 to 5 does not require a fresh installation unless you are moving to High Availability.


Do I need to get a new license for version 5?

Yes, version 5 introduces a new tiered product structure which requires a new license key. Please contact your account manager or email Statseeker at to select the appropriate tier to get started.


What are the system requirements for version 5?

See Version 5.x System Requirements for details.


Which product tier matches my version 4 features?

  • Statseeker - provides a sub-set of functionality from that offered in version 4
  • Statseeker Professional - includes all features and functionality from version 4
  • Statseeker Enterprise - everything in the Professional + High-Availability and Flexible Licensing options


What operating system comes with Statseeker version 5?

Statseeker v5.3.2 included FreeBSD 11.1 Stable, newer releases may include an updated OS component.


How many interfaces are supported with version 5?

On correctly specified physical hardware, Statseeker will support up to 1 million interfaces. When running on a virtual machine, Statseeker supports up to 500,000 interfaces. See Version 5.x System Requirements for more details.


What hardware should I specify for a VM installation?

The s requirements do change, see Version 5.x System Requirements for current requirements.

In addition, the RAM and CPU must be dedicated, not shared resources.


Can Statseeker run on AWS?

Yes, Statseeker is currently available as a public image and is under review for availability in the AWS marketplace. The public image can be accessed via the AWS GUI or the command line (CLI).

From the AWS CLI

Run the following command:

# aws ec2 describe-images --filters Name=name,Values=Statseeker*
From the AWS GUI
  • Open the Amazon EC2 console at
  • In the navigation pane, choose AMIs
  • In the first filter, choose Public images
  • Use the filter options to filter by name, specify Statseeker

See Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Installation for detailed installation and configuration instructions relating to an AWS deployment.


Can Statseeker run on OpenStack?

Statseeker does support installation on OpenStack, see OpenStack Cloud Installation for detailed instructions on deploying Statseeker to a public or private OpenStack cloud.


Can Statseeker run on HyperV?

Statseeker is currently finalizing our Hyper-V deployment. For early access to this option, and assistance with your own deployment, please contact Statseeker Customer Support.