Important Notes

Note: as of version 5.3, Statseeker requires CPUs which support the SSE4.2 instruction set.
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  • Silvermont, Goldmont, Goldmont Plus, & Tremont processors
  • Nehalem & Westmere processors
  • Sandy Bridge processors and newer
  • Haswell processors and newer


  • “Cat” low-power processors (Jaguar and Puma-based processors and newer)
  • “Heavy Equipment” processors (Bulldozer, Piledriver, Streamroller, & Excavator)
  • Zen, Zen+, & Zen2-based processors


  • Nano QuadCore C4000-series processors
  • Eden X4 processors


  • ZX-C processors and newer

  • Physical server hardware requirements depend on the size of the network being monitored and the type and volume of data being collected, stored, and processed
  • Statseeker recommends the use of a single large disk or disks configured as RAID 0, RAID 1 or RAID 10
  • Please contact our Customer Satisfaction Team at for any bespoke Netflow or Syslog requirements as this does affect the server memory/disk configuration when deploying such a solution
  • Virtual machine hardware recommendations are designed for deployment on VMware, specific requirements may vary depending on your virtualization platform and environment. In addition:
    • The RAM and CPU must be dedicated, not shared resources
    • Disks should be thick-provisioned (pre-allocate the required disk-space). We recommend using thick provisioning with most Statseeker installations when running on VMware.
    • Network Interface Controller should be VMXNET3


Hardware Requirements

The information provided details the minimum specifications for a 24-month data retention period.

Size Max. Interface Count (*1) CPU Cores (*2) Memory (*3) Hard Drive
Small 50,000 4-8 16GB 200GB
Medium 100,000 4-8 32GB 500GB
Large 250,000 8-16 32GB-64GB 1TB (*4)
X-Large 500,000 16-32 64GB-128GB 1TB-2TB (*4)

  • *1 – Interface count is used as an indication of network size. Network and monitoring complexity (e.g. number of monitored data types, sending syslog and/or netflow traffic to Statseeker) may require additional resources. If unsure of which size your network falls under, please contact us.
  • *2 – CPU’s MUST support the SSE4.2 instruction set.
  • *3 – DDR4 or better.
  • *4 – At this scale, the disk speed becomes more important, so faster drives are recommended.

Meraki Network Monitoring

If your Statseeker server will also be monitoring Meraki environments, then the following should be considered in addition to the requirements presented above.

  • RAM – an additional 2GB will be consumed by Meraki monitoring processes (the size/number of Meraki environments monitored does affect this)
  • Data Storage – assume a maximum of 3GB of storage per year per 1000 Meraki interfaces polled
  • CPU – Meraki monitoring is not CPU intensive, no additional requirements

Browser Version – Support for Statseeker Web Interface

Statseeker offers a web UI as the primary method for interacting with Statseeker and the data that Statseeker collects. We support the latest stable (non-BETA) versions of:

  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari

The use of older (or less common) browsers may result in the reduced functionality of Statseeker.