SNMP Discovery refers to the process Statseeker uses to:

  • Discover devices, interfaces, and other SNMP enabled components on your network
  • Collect configuration information from those devices to be used for polling, reporting, and alerting purposes

Statseeker uses IP address ranges and the hosts file to direct the discovery process towards the devices on your network. And SNMP Filtering rules can be used to restrict which devices are returned from a discovery process. For more information on this see SNMP Device Filtering.

The rewalk process is a scheduled discovery that focuses on ‘known’ devices, those which have been previously discovered. By default:

  • This process does not look for or add any new devices, instead it is used to detect configuration changes that have been made to known devices
  • A rewalk occurs daily at 11am server-time

For details on updating the default behavior of the rewalk process see Daily Rewalk and Automated Discovery Options.

For details on Statseeker discovery processes see: