Retiring and deleting devices will remove the device from active polling, no new data will be collected on the device and the device no longer counts towards any licensing limits.

Retiring and deleting differ in how they manage the device's configuration and historical data.

  • Retiring the device will retain associated data
  • Deleting a device will delete all configuration and historical data associated with the device

  • These processes cannot be reversed
  • When deleting a device, all associated interfaces will also be deleted
  • When retiring a device, all associated interfaces will also be retired but remain available for historical reporting
  • The IP address assigned to a retired device/interface cannot be reused. If you wish to reuse the IP address, then change the address of the device to a range reserved for the purpose prior to retiring.
  • Retiring and deleting applies to both SNMP polled devices and ping-only devices


When a Device is Retired

When a device is retired, Statseeker takes the following actions:

Action Details
Rename the device
  • All polling and data collection for the device will be disabled
  • A retired device will no longer count towards licensing limits
  • All historical and configuration data relating to the device is retained
  • The device is renamed, prepended with ~ and appended with -retired.
    • e.g. Melb-Router-1 becomes ~Melb-Router-1-retired

    This pushes all retired devices to the bottom of the devices list and allows a replacement device to take the same name as the old device.

Stop polling ping and SNMP polling are set to off
Stop Mac/IP and inventory data collection Inventory reporting and discovery will be disabled for the device
Regroup the device
  • Remove the device from all groups
  • Add the device to the Retired Devices group
    Note: retired devices can be returned to groups after retirement either manually or due to autogrouping rules
Filter status reports The device will not appear in any current device status reports
Edit Hosts File If the device appeared in the Hosts File, remove it
Edit SNMP Conf If the device appeared in the SNMP Conf file, remove it


When a Device is Deleted

When a device is deleted, it is removed from all Statseeker configuration files.

  • The device cannot be polled, data cannot be collected
  • A deleted device will no longer count towards licensing limits
  • All historical and configuration data relating to the device is deleted
  • The device will not appear in any report


Retiring/Deleting via the Device Details Report

From the Console:

  • Select the device from the Device Name list
  • Select Report List > General > Device Details
  • Click the device name in the report

  • This opens the NIM Edit Device screen.

  • Click Retire or Delete as required

Retiring/Deleting via the Admin Tool

Multiple devices can be retired/deleted at a time using the Administration Tool.

  • Select Administration Tool > Network Discovery > Delete/Retire Devices
  • Click to select a device from the list provided. Hold Shift while clicking to select groups of devices and Ctrl to add an additional device to the selection
  • Click Delete or Retire as required

The device list displays a maximum of 1000 devices. If your Statseeker server is monitoring greater than 1000 devices you may need to use the search bar to filter the device list in order to view the devices you wish to retire/delete.