** Legacy Dashboard System **

Statseeker v5.5.0 introduced a new dashboarding system. The legacy system was removed from new installations, but is still available to users upgrading an existing Statseeker server. This documentation is specific to that legacy system.

For documentation relating to the current dashboarding system see Statseeker Dashboards.



A Statseeker installation comes with a default dashboard, titled “admin“. Additional dashboards can be created, and existing dashboards can be copied, edited, deleted and assigned to specific Statseeker users.

This document details the process of restoring the default Statseeker dashboard. For additional information on Statseeker Dashboards, refer to the Statseeker Documentation Library.


Restore the admin Dashboard

Note: This process will restore admin dashboard and, in the process, overwrite any existing dashboard named “admin”. If you have a dashboard named “admin” and wish to retain that dashboard, then it should be renamed prior to following the process presented in this document.

To restore the default Statseeker dashboard:

  • Log in to the Statseeker server console as the statseeker user
  • Run
    nim-copy-dash -f -u admin -s display