Statseeker runs on the FreeBSD operating system which offers a command line interface (CLI) for managing the server. While most application features are accessible via the Statseeker web interface, some users may prefer to manage aspects of Statseeker, as well as the server itself, via the CLI.

The CLI can be accessed on the server directly or remotely via an SSH connection.


User Accounts and Server Access

During the Statseeker installation process you are prompted to enter a user account password which is then applied to 3 default user accounts:

  • root – the OS superuser/administrator account
  • statseeker – the account used by Statseeker to manage and run a range of Statseeker specific process
  • admin – the Statseeker admin used to manage your Statseeker installation via Statseeker’s web interface

Only the root and statseeker accounts are able to access the server. The admin account (and all other Statseeker user accounts) has no server access and can only interact with Statseeker via the web interface or API.

Directly Accessing the CLI

The server CLI can be accessed on the server directly using either the root or statseeker user accounts, with the password specified during the installation process. By default, this password will be the same as that used by the Statseeker admin user account.

Accessing the CLI via an SSH Connection

Only the statseeker user account has permission to access the server via SSH. By default, the statseeker users’ password will be the same as that used by the Statseeker admin user account.


Resetting Passwords

The statseeker and root user account passwords can be reset from within the Admin Tool, see OS Configuration > Changing Passwords.

Note: only the admin user has permission to update system passwords. Users with the Is Admin role cannot update these passwords. If the admin account password has been lost, see Resetting Server Passwords from the CLI – this document includes a process for resetting passwords when all passwords (root, statseeker and admin) have been lost.


ssadmin – Statseeker CLI Utility

Statseeker provides the ssadmin CLI tool for managing your Statseeker server. Much of what is available in ssadmin is also available from the Statseeker web interface Admin Tool, but there are some options that are only available from ssadmin. For details on the functionality offered by ssadmin and its’ use, see ssadmin Server Configuration Utility.