Legacy Documentation for Statseeker version 5.5.3



Statseeker Custom Scripts (SCS) are data description packages provided by Statseeker that can be used to:

  • Extend the functionality of a default Statseeker installation
  • Address a minor issue though an optional patch

In most cases, the functionality provided by an SCS package is later incorporated into a release of the core Statseeker product.

Statseeker's existing SCS library is available for download to all licensed Statseeker users, contact Customer Support for details.


Installing a Statseeker Custom Script Package

In order to install a previously downloaded SCS package:

  • Select Administration Tool > Statseeker Custom Services > Manage Scripts
  • Click Choose File browse to your previously downloaded SCS package, select it and click Open
  • Click Upload

Once the upload process is complete a summary of the results is displayed

  • Click Details to review the upload process results
Note: some scripts modify existing report configurations or add additional configuration options. Others add new functionality and can be interacted with (edited, run, etc.) by clicking the associated icon.

  • Successfully uploaded addon packages offer a document link providing information on the package contents