The Statseeker Network Configuration screen allows you to configure:

  • An HTTP Proxy for the Statseeker server
  • Statseeker's network configuration
  • The network interfaces currently enabled on the Statseeker server


Editing Statseeker's Network Configuration

To edit the existing network configuration:

  • Select Administration Tool > Statseeker Administration > Network Configuration
  • Click Edit (top-right)
  • Use the text fields and toggles to edit the configuration as required
  • To edit an interface configuration:

  • Click the Edit button associated with that interface and then edit the configuration
  • Click the Save button associated with the configuration section that has been edited

  • If the interface settings are changed, the Statseeker server will be rebooted, any unsaved edits to other configuration sections will be lost
  • If the hostname is updated, a rewalk should be initiated to update the configuration of services (syslog messaging etc.) that use the hostname