The Statseeker Diagnostics Report is a comprehensive report detailing the processes and configuration of the Statseeker server. Due to the level of detail collected, this report can take some minutes to complete, and when complete can be downloaded from the Statseeker server to your local machine for review.

When submitting a Support Request to Statseeker Customer Support you may be requested to provide a Statseeker Diagnostics Report.


Run the Report

To run the report:

  • Select Administration Tool > Statseeker Administration > Diagnostics Report
  • Confirm the action when prompted

The report output will be logged to the Statseeker Administration Tool window. The completed report can be very extensive and features an index to allow you to easily navigate the document.


Download the Report

Once the reporting process is completed, a link is provided at the bottom of the report output offering an archived copy of the report. Clicking the link will save this copy of the report to your browsers default downloads directory.