This custom report will rebuild the stock Console Interfaces > Top Utilization Graphs report with a flexible time filter. The default Top Utilization Graphs report has a fixed 6-hour reporting period, we will build a custom report to replace this stock report and remove the reporting period restriction.


Report Configuration

  • Report Subtitle: Time Filter is checked, since the aim is to offer a flexible time filter, displaying the filter as a subtitle ensures that we are aware of the scope of the report
  • Report Structure: Graphed Data
  • Data Type: Interface
  • Refresh: 5mins
  • Results: 10, just show me the top ten on the first page
  • Show in NIM Console: checked, I want the report available from the Console
  • Show Report Filters: all checked, in-report filters add the ability to alter the scope of the report on the fly



  • Graph Type: Line/Filled/Stacked/Bar
  • Graph Title: Default
  • Data Series: Interface > Rx Util, the default 'blue' color matches that of Rx Util in the Console reports
  • Data Series: Interface > Tx Util, the default 'red' color matches that of Tx Util in the Console reports
  • Sort Attribute: Interface Tx Util
  • Sort Direction: Descending
  • Y Gridline Count: 11, this will show a gridline at every 10% interval (1st interval is at origin)
  • Y Axis Range 0 - 100, without this the Y-axis will auto-scale to the data and this in turn means I have to review the Y-axis prior to accurately interpreting the displayed data
  • Threshold: 90, highlighting the 90% utilization mark allows an 'at-a-glance' indication that the link is nearing capacity
  • Link Graph To: The Device Viewer

  • The default Console report sorts on maximum TX Util, the custom report will sort on average Tx Util over the reporting period
  • Resolution was moved to the timefilter in Statseeker v5.5.1. With the addition of the built-in Time Selector, the reporting period can be updated from within the report itself. When the Time Selector is used, the resolution dynamically updates to best suit the current view of your data, see Custom Reports > Time Selector for details.