This custom report will rebuild the stock Console Interfaces > Top Utilization Graphs report with a flexible time filter. The default Top Utilization Graphs report has a fixed 6-hour reporting period, we will build a custom report to replace this stock report and remove the reporting period restriction.


Report Configuration

  • Report Subtitle: Time Filter is checked, since the aim is to offer a flexible time filter, displaying the filter as a subtitle ensures that we are aware of the scope of the report
  • Report Structure: Graphed Data
  • Data Type: Interface
  • Refresh: 5mins
  • Results: 10, just show me the top ten on the first page
  • Show in NIM Console: checked, I want the report available from the Console
  • Show Report Filters: all checked, in-report filters add the ability to alter the scope of the report on the fly



  • Graph Type: Filled
  • Graph Title: Default
  • Data Series: Interface > Rx Util, the default 'blue' color matches that of Rx Util in the Console reports
  • Data Series: Interface > Tx Util, the default 'red' color matches that of Tx Util in the Console reports
  • Sort Attribute: Interface Tx Util, the default Console report sorts on maximum TX Util, our custom report will sort on average Tx Util over the reporting period
  • Sort Direction: Descending
  • Y Gridline Count: 11, this will show a gridline at every 10% interval (1st interval is at origin)
  • Y Axis Range 0 - 100, without this the Y-axis will auto-scale to the data and this in turn means I have to review the Y-axis prior to accurately interpreting the displayed data
  • Threshold: 90, highlighting the 90% utilization mark allows an 'at-a-glance' indication that the link is nearing capacity
  • Link Graph To: The Device Viewer