Statseeker offers a range of reporting options to ensure that you have instant visibility of the information you need, when you need it. These reports can be focused on Interface Groups, Device Groups, Individual Device, Business Unit, Demographics and over specific Time Ranges.

Statseeker is packaged with a range of pre-configured reports applicable to all networks regardless of their size, makeup or configuration. These reports can be accessed from the Console > Reports List.

These stock reports provide a range of 'current-state' snapshots of your network and, where applicable, feature single-click access to pertinent historical information relating to that report/device.
In addition to the stock reports, Statseeker offers quick and simple ad-hoc reporting through the Advanced Reporting Tool.

For detailed information on the stock reports, their configuration, and their use, see NIM Console Reporting.

Statseeker also offers a powerful custom reporting engine, allowing you to configure a report to view any data collected by Statseeker, and add that report to the Console. For an in-depth look at custom reports and how to get the most out of them, see Statseeker Custom Reporting

Reports can be grouped together to create a summary report and any report, including summary and custom reports, can be added to a dashboard. For more information see Statseeker Summary Reports and Importing Reports into Dashboards.

When graphing, Statseeker will scale the axis to suit the data and assign value labels as appropriate. When presenting tabulated data or when displaying multiple graphs to cover a group of devices/interfaces or an historical time-range, Statseeker will rapidly sort and paginate the results as required to highlight the important data. The time taken to return a report result is typically <5 seconds.

The visibility that Statseeker provides to your network is not limited to Statseeker users in your organization. All reports can be exported to a *.pdf format and all tabular reports can be exported to a *.csv file. In addition, a Statseeker Admin user has the ability to directly email a report from the report itself and to schedule the automated running and emailing of reports.
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