Statseeker provides the MD5 hash codes associated with any distributable file, such as installation and upgrade images, as well as Statseeker Custom Script and Custom Data Type packages.

The MD5 hash can be used to verify the integrity of the file you have downloaded from Statseeker, ensuring that the downloaded file is free from read/write errors resulting from the download process.

Operating systems provide a utility to extract the MD5 hash from a specified file. This hash can then be compared to that provided by Statseeker support to confirm file integrity prior to the file being applied to your Statseeker server. The MD5 utility is typically access via the operating system command line.


certutil -hashfile /path-to-file/statseeker_x.x.x.iso md5


md5 /path-to-file/statseeker_x.x.x.iso


md5sum /path-to-file/statseeker_x.x.x.iso


md5 /path-to-file/statseeker_x.x.x.iso