By default, the Device List displays a maximum of 1000 entries but searching or filtering applies to the entire device list, not the displayed subset of devices. The bottom of the list offers an option to Show more, increasing the list content by the specified display limit.

This limit may be altered to suit your needs but increasing the limit may impact the performance of display and searching of the device list content.


Editing the Device List Display Limit

*** Warning ***

  • The process presented here involves editing a Statseeker configuration file
  • Incorrectly editing this file can negatively impact your server
  • Do not edit any other value in the configuration file unless instructed by Statseeker Support

This display limit can be edited from the Admin Tool:

  • Select Admin Tool > Network Discovery - Advanced Options > Advanced Options
  • Click File Edit Mode (bottom of the page)
  • Search the configuration file for nim_console_device_limit and set the value as needed
  • If nim_console_device_limit is not present, add it to the bottom of the configuration file. The syntax is a space separated key/value pair, each contained within single quotes
    • E.g.: 'nim_console_device_limit' '1000'
  • Click Save