The Statseeker licensing page displays your current server license details and provides the ability to download an updated license from Statseeker. A Statseeker license may place limits on:

  • Available functionality
  • Number of entities which can be polled
  • The lifespan of the license before a renewal is required

An expired license can result in:

  • Limits to available functionality, including polling of the network
  • Accessibility of Statseeker Support

An expired license will never result in the loss of your previously polled network data.

Note: contact Statseeker Support to discuss options and methods for managing polled entity counts to ensure that your critical infrastructure is always monitored adequately regardless of exceeded entity counts.


License Updates & Renewals

In order to update or renew your Statseeker license, contact your Regional Sales Manager or Statseeker Support to discuss your requirements. Once you have been informed that your license has been updated you will need to update the license installed on your server.

Note: inform your Regional Sales Manager or Statseeker Support if your Statseeker server has no internet access. In this instance, once your license has been upgraded/renewed, you will also be provided with a license key which will need to be manually applied to your server.
  • Select Admin Tool > General > License Key
  • Click Edit (top-right)

If you have been provided with a manual key:

  • Enter the key into the License Key field and click Use entered Key

If you have not been provided with a manual key:

  • Click Download a new key

Statseeker will process the new license and display your license details.

  • Check the box in License Confirmation to accept your new license and click Save