Statseeker Service Packs are updates to released Statseeker versions which address minor issues though a patch. In instances where multiple Service Packs are made available for a given release, the latest pack contains the content of all previously released service packs for that version of Statseeker.


Currently Available Service Packs

Statseeker v5.6.1

Download 5.6.1 Service Pack 1.0.5 (scs_service_pack_5_6_1-1.0.5.scs)

System & Administration fixes:

  • Adds validation if a poller attempts to insert timeseries data using an incorrect time
  • Fixes to OperStatus event insertion for servers upgraded from legacy versions of Statseeker (prior to 2015)
  • Fixes an issue which could prevent RNA\OA services from restarting after upgrade
  • Fixes an issue which slowed the discovery processes in some instances

Reporting fixes:

  • Fixes an issue where drilldowns in some Ping reports would target incorrect data

Threshold & Alerting fixes:

  • Fixes an issue with some mail servers rejecting alerting emails
  • Fixes an issue with emails not being sent when upstream devices are configured
  • Fixes a memory leak in the real-time poller
  • Fixes the Search feature in Add/Edit Users
  • Fixes an issue preventing records being added to the events database when discard filters are enabled

Statseeker v5.6.0

Download 5.6.0 Service Pack 1.0.7 (scs_service_pack_5_6_0-1.0.7.scs)

Dashboard fixes:

  • Fixes dashboards with imagemap panels prompting to save when no changes have been made

Reporting fixes:

  • Fixes the legacy Ping Status report sometimes reporting an incorrect ping state
  • Fixes numeric user IDs breaking functionality in the device viewer
  • Fixes Device Group SLA Availability Report missing entries
  • Fixes scheduled CSV reports not being emailed
  • Fixes the MAC/IP section of the Device Statistics interface drilldown showing details for all interfaces on the device

Threshold & Alerting fixes:

  • Fixes SNMP state, ping, and custom polled event alerts not displaying event delta metrics
  • Fixes SNMP State alerts not handling email ‘wait’ periods correctly
  • Fixes upstream device alerts not sending events

Administration fixes:

  • Fixes IP address changes on devices causing ping collection to fail
  • Fixes an issue which caused assigning devices to pollers to fail in some instances
  • Fixes an Observability Appliance IP address changing issue
  • Fixes an issue which could cause SNMPv3 polling to fail
  • Fixes SNMP timeout not honoring config file setting
  • Adds validation if a poller attempts to insert timeseries data using an incorrect time

API fixes:

  • Fixes RESTful API link delete endpoint causing invalid links in some reports

Installing a Service Pack

In order to install a previously downloaded Service Pack:

  • Select Administration Tool > Statseeker Custom Services > Manage Packages
  • Click Browse and browse to your previously downloaded Service Pack, select it and click Open
  • Click Upload

Once the upload process is complete a summary of the results is displayed

  • Click Details to review the upload process results
  • Successfully uploaded packages offer a document link providing information on the package contents

Note: attempting to apply a Service Pack for a different Statseeker server version will fail with no negative outcome to your server. Contact Statseeker Support if you require assistance.