By providing Statseeker access to a mail server you enable the ability for Statseeker to:

  • Issue alerts based on configured thresholds
  • Manually distribute reports
  • Schedule automated report distribution


Configure Statseeker’s Access to your Mail Server

  • Go to Administration Tool > Statseeker Administration > Email Configuration
  • Click Edit (top-right)
Field Description
SMTP Gateway Specify the IP address or hostname of your mail server
Port Optionally specify a port, if left blank, port 25 will be used
Encryption Outgoing mail encryption options are:

  • no encryption (port 25)
  • SSL/TLS (port 465)
  • STARTTLS (port 587)
Masquerade as Optionally specify:

  • a domain; emails will be sent from statseeker@{domain}
  • a user; emails will be sent from user@hostname
  • an email address; emails will be sent from this address

If blank, mail will be sent from statseeker@hostname

Username Credentials to use when connecting to your email server
Password Credentials to use when connecting to your email server

You can:

  • Use the Send Test Email facility to test your email configuration
  • View and clear the current mail queue


Review the Mail Queue

The Mail Queue section displays the current mail queue on the Statseeker server.

  • Refresh – refresh the view of the queue, displaying recent additions
  • Clear – remove all pending outgoing mail jobs from the queue, these emails will not be sent